OS/2 Warp

IBM's rock-stable 32-bit OS

I've ported Ken Lunde's JConv, JCode, and JChar tools for working with Japanese text codes and character sets. The zip file is here: j_tools.zip.

These tools run under OS/2 Warp 3.x and 4.x, and require a recent version of the emx Runtime Package (tested with emxrt 0.9d revision 60). You can always get the latest version of emxrt from the Hobbes archive here: emxrt.zip. (If Hobbes is unavailable for some reason, you can also get emxrt 0.9d Fix 2 (dated 15 June 1999) here.)

Ken Lunde's web site with more general information about these tools is here. Also check out the web page for his new book, CJKV Information Processing.

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