Still using that geeky 'net stuff...

I can't explain why, but this cracks me up beyond all reason.

So does this (be warned: it's a half-meg MPEG video).

Are you wondering about the background image? It reminds me of the works of H.R. Giger, the Swiss artist who created the lifeforms for Alien.

Here's the genuine Gringojin PGP public key block (text-file format).
Here it is in HTML format.
You can also get my public key from the public key server at MIT(or any other).

Here's the genuine Gringojin geek code.
And here's what it means.
Want your very own geek code? Just mouse on over to the Geekest Link.

The inimitable Washi has put up an ever-changing page devoted to Japanese idols and other cuties.

While you're in the neighborhood, you may want to read Washi's impressions of a few operating systems, with special attention to the needs of people working with Japanese and other Asian scripts. (When it comes to operating systems, Washi and I agree to disagree about many things, including the definition of "unconventional.")

Here's another site that discusses a few more alternatives.

Looking for a web browser? No matter what operating system you're using, chances are pretty good you'll find a browser for it here.

A front end for Google! searches.

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